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Summer Reading Books

We have a colorful sign above the Reading List Books.  I am currently working on an order of new books for the middle school kids.  Encourage them to place holds.  We have taken off over two hundred books no longer on the school Reading List to make some more room.  Claire has been helping with cross checking everything.  Holly has annotated our lists to indicate which books are available in audio.  Remember to tell people about digital downloads.  It is just another source of audio for teens and most teens have MP3  players.

Summer programs are taking up more of my time, as well as meeting with volunteers.  If you need help on a special project, I have a number of teens who want to volunteer and I don’t have enough projects for them.

I hope a few of you check this blog.  I look forward to reading yours.

Posted by: phillipsmary65 | June 22, 2009

Another Great New York Times article

This Sunday, there was a great article about Catcher in the Rye.  J.d. Salinger is a 90 year old hermit, who has made a living out of one book.  It seems that today’s teens think that Holden  is a whinny complainer who has very little relevancy to today’s teens.  Thank God!  I hated that kid.  Here he is, a kid from Scarsdale complaining about his parents.  Well, go live on your own, you rich, spoiled brat.  I think that J.D. wrote it because he hated teens.  It certainly isn’t a very flattering picture.   We have one self-absorbed kid.  I could never get through that book, I hated him so much.  I guess, I should read the whole before passing judgement, but I would put finishing that book right up there with waterboarding.

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Interesting New York Times Article

Most of you have RSS feeds for NYtimes, but I found that Thomas Friedman’s article “Winds of Change” very interesting. A real change in the Middle East driven by Facebook, cellphones, Internet communication. It may generate some hope for an area of the world that has been plagued by conflict and repression. So take a look at it, if you have time.

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Trip to Captiva 2009 132

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Vacation Ah

With all the rain and everything here, this is last Feb. in a little bit of heaven.

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Clarkstown North Reading List

I’ve looked up all the titles on these lists and there are many we don’t own and quite a few more that we only have one copy. I am currently putting together a large order for books. I haven’t had a chance to see what is off the lists. For those things taken off the new lists, I will have to check to see if they are on the Felix Festa lists or Clarkstown South lists before taking them off the shelves.

A few mistakes on the lists include The Portrait of Dorian Gray instead of The Picture of Dorian Gray, Everything’s Illuminated should be Everything is Illuminated, Joe Torre: the Yankee years is rather just The Yankee Years and finally can anyone elucidate what Selected Stories by J.D. Salinger is?

Also there are two books not in the RCLS system at all! We will be taking bets when they will appear ‘In Cataloging” that means they are here and listed in RCLS. The first is Now in November by Josephine Johnson and the second The Phantom Tollboth: A children’s play in two acts by Susan Nanus. A hint for the second one. A used copy is listed on Amazon for just under $1000.00.

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It took me a lot of work to post the picture

I think this is a picture from two years ago. The groundhog has eaten a good deal of the cone flowers and has also dug a set of holes where they were. Otherwise everything else is there. I’ve added some and taken some out. This weekend I’ve been trying to rid the garden of tiny crabgrass that has geminated where the sweet alyssium should be. I had to use my reading glasses to tell flower from weed!

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Flower garden at High Street-4

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Latest news about downloads for audiobooks

Met with Brian Neilsen from Books on Tape on Friday and they are going to be offering titles to Overdrive. It seems that since Ingrahm came out with the ability to download to Ipods, Books on Tape has finally come to the realization that they can do the same and have a similar Digital Rights Management system

What does this mean? James Patterson’s titles will finally make it to download. Books on Tape is owned by Random House and they have a huge stable of writers and books. I’m looking forward to more being available on Overdrive.